A Platform Built For Public Speakers

Our networking services provide motivational and inspirational speakers with an online resume and reference for the specific subject matter they specialize in. INTELVATION offers them the opportunity to upload their video and create a profile featuring their biography, locations they’re willing to travel for employment, speech titles and topics, phone number, and email address. This allows potential employers to choose them for upcoming motivational speaking events, which will allow them to share their message or perspective and help them develop their career in this field. Professional speakers can market themselves and what they’re providing through their speeches, allowing them to showcase their talents and capture new employment opportunities.

Get Your Message to the Right Audience

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Our services are available to everybody, from the average Joe to established public speakers, as well as professional individuals, such as athletes, professors, or elected officials to share their expertise. Anyone who wants to get noticed for what they do can make a profile and upload their videos. Any video uploads to your profile must be between two to five minutes long, and there is no cost for these services. INTELVATION is based in New York City and is geared toward helping motivational and inspirational speakers fulfill their goals and share their message with the world.

Contact us today to learn more about our motivational speaking opportunities or fill in the form below for profile listing consideration. We work with speakers and employers in and around New York City, including New Jersey, and Connecticut.